We have completed 10 years of Highly Successful Professional service from 2003 to 2013. Thanks to all our clients and their references over this long period of glorious 10 Years.

About our company


Excelanz Group (Australian Company No. 107 494 128) was Incorporated in the year 2003, by a group of professionals with Australian and International Qualifications, Experiences and various ethnic Backgrounds. We have been a very successful business and provided professional services for a decade. Our services include Consulting in various fields like Immigration and Settlement, Education and Training, Recruitment and Career Development, Information Technology, International Trade Involving Products, Resources, Solutions, Services and Tourism.

Our Professional team consists of highly qualified and experienced Managers, Consultants and Field Officers most of whom are members of relevant professional bodies and are dedicated to deliver prompt and Cogent Services.

We are Qualified and Registered Migration Agents and Member of the Migration Institute of Australia, specializing in providing top quality service to clients globally who wish to enter Australia on temporary or permanent visas. We process about 140 Sub Classes of visas under various categories for Individual and Corporate clients.

We continually update ourselves to have sound knowledge of Immigration laws, which is constantly changing to reflect the Australian Government’s Immigration Policy. We have access to the latest policy and legislation for any Australian Visa to understand requirements for each visa subclass.

As registered agents we are obliged to undertake a compulsory process of Continuous Professional Development, which ensures current knowledge on government policy and regulations, visa processing, and new developments in the migration arena.

Migration to another country could be the toughest challenge of one’s life. In 1993 I myself, started my migration plans to Australia from overseas and learnt things practically the hard way. Now after living a good life for several years in Australia, let us make things easier for you by assisting you in any of the following services :

  • Documentation and Lodgement for any of the approximately 140 Subclasses of Temporary & Permanent Visa Applications.
  • Immigration and Settlement.
  • Skills Assessment, Recognition of Prior Learning & Job Placements.
  • Citizenship.
  • Guidance in Career Planning and Development considering Australian Opportunities and Trends.
  • Student Admission & Visa Processing.
  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Processing.
  • Pre-Travel Planning (Orientation) and Post Landing Settlement Issues.
  • Pick-up from Airport
  • Guidance in Australian Customs & Quarantine Clearance for Baggage, Cargo and container.
  • Help & Guidance with Finding Accommodation suitable to your requirements.
  • Registration for various statutory requirements, obtaining security clearance and letters to work and live in Australia.
  • Guidance in accessing Medicare, Health services, Banking, Tax, and entitled Benefits & Allowances paid by the Government.
  • Assistance & Guidance in basic set-up of home and amenities.
  • Assistance in preparing a proper resume, finding Jobs, Training or Studies. or
  • Provide any other personal service requested, and agreed.We speak English, Hindi, Telugu, Arabic and 10 Indian Dialects.

About Australia

In the recent decades, we have had enormous Inventions, development and advancements in Technology, changing the way we think, work and live. Communication and Technology have made the planet a Small Place. People have already started to look for better life styles and work opportunities, and have been looking at options for Migration.

Australia as a young and developed Multicultural country, has been a focus of many as a final destination for settlement.

Australia scores over other countries in many aspects. It is diverse and multicultural, it offers something to everybody from any nation, culture, religion or ethnic background. Being a Island continent, Australia is free from pollution and exotic diseases which may be common to other countries. The climate ranges from Tropical weather in the North to Sub-Tropical and Temperate conditions in the South.

Australia has the best infrastructure and facilities to provide excellent quality Education, Training and Research at an affordable price. It has distinguished faculties from all over the world. The standard and pattern followed is most efficient and modern, with State of the Art technology, unchallenged and unsurpassed by any other country. Australia has an enviable life style and standard of living at a low cost of living when compared to other developed countries.

Additionally, Australia (The land of Migrants) provides everyone with a feeling of friendship, peace and well being. There are people from many countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds which make it a truly Multicultural Society. Australian Education promises a bright and permanent future for every capable individual, whether they may plan to have a career in or outside Australia.

Experience the Excellence with, Excelanz Group, your Australian mentors. We are Mentors in Immigration & Settlement along with Consulting experience in Business, Education, Training and Career Planning. We provide a full package of services by representing your Immigration application professionally, to successfully obtain the relevant visa for your Migration. There are several classes and sub-classes of visas for which you may qualify. All these hassles are taken care of by the experienced and professional team from Excelanz Group.

 Where ever you are in this world. Please send your enquiries by completing a relevant assessment form from the MENU and your case will be assessed and responded. 

Registered Migration Agent Mr. Faiyaz is currently in Hyderabad, India. He is available on Mobile Number +91 9030030051.


Our Locations


NOTE :-  Where ever you are in this world. Please send your enquiries by completing a relevant assessment form from the MENU or email at address below and your case will be assessed and responded. 

INDIA :- Currently Available and meeting by Appointment only.

CONTACT : Mr. Faiyaz.

Mobile : +91-9030030051


Building # 3, Park Avenue St, Off Road No.12, BANJARA HILLS.


Near Arts College Railway Station.
Secunderabad – INDIA.500 361.


Below Local Payment Coordinators are not qualified to provide Migration or Visa advise. They are for collecting your payments, providing receipts and financial security for your payments.


Masiuddin Mohammed

Local Resident Payment Coordinator – Jeddah Mobile: 05544245876



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