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Education is a Superlative force that provides a person with knowledge and distinct personality. We may join and leave an educational institution and get into other activities, but the learning process never ends. However the knowledge gained through education and training provides us with a solid foundation to build not only our futures and careers, but also of those coming generations as well. It is a journey to develop competence, stay abreast of others, and strive for excellence.

Excelanz Group is a Mentor in Career Planning and Development and helps international students enroll in Australian Educational Institutions, and obtain visa’s for eligible aspiring students.

We from Excelanz Group provide a full package of services. Our counselors will advise you on how to plan your Australian study program and give you all the relevant information to make you comfortable. They will provide help in each step while executing this plan. We represent your application professionally, to secure admission in the required course in the best possible educational institution and obtain the relevant visa. Each visa sub-class is separately defined pertaining to the different education levels and sectors. Which is taken care of by the experienced and professional team from Excelanz Group.


Australia has the best infrastructure and facilities to provide excellent quality Education, Training and Research at an affordable price. It has distinguished faculties from all over the world. The standard and pattern followed is most efficient and modern, with State of the Art technology, unchallenged and unsurpassed by any other country. Australia has an enviable life style and standard of living. Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during semester, and unlimited hours in holiday periods. Your initial visa does not include permission to work. You must apply for permission after you have begun your studies.

Additionally, Australia (The land of Migrants) provides everyone with a feeling of friendship, peace and well being. There are people from many countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds which make it a Multicultural Society. Australian Education promises a bright and permanent future for every capable individual, whether they may plan to have a career within or outside Australia.


Excelanz Group agrees to provide the following services to its Client Institutions.

  • Develop, Display, Maintain and Promote Client Profile, Products and Testimonials.
  • Assistance with Development, Evaluating and Supply of clients Promotional materials in all its marketing efforts.
  • Conduct Market Research and Analysis and Support in Region specific Research.
  • Organizing Marketing Programs and Promotion events.
  • Facilitate Client Participation in exhibitions and ensure successful outcomes.
  • Provide Research information on Market Trends and General Marketing issues.
  • All types of Advertising advice and assistance (Advertisement placement, Positioning, News Papers, Media Print, Television and Online).
  • Provide dedicated staff for all support activities like Developing markets, Accounts Management, Information Technology, Interpreters and Translators.
  • Maintain regular Updates and Correspondence.
  • Ensure all students understand Fee Payment, Refund and Transfer policies in general.
  • Provide any other Customized Service to individual needs which a client may request.

Services are provided on a Fee for Service basis and are negotiated between Excelanz Group and the client.


Most students after completing their Master Degrees end up struggling and doing odd jobs. They just do not have a career plan and end up frustrated.

We provide a full package of professional, hassle free, timely, and cost-effective services. Being Mentors in Education, Training, Career Development, Job Placement, Migration, Business, Career Planning, Settlement and other related sectors. It makes us the most preferred and leading service providers. In reaching their objectives International Students will be receiving the following services.

  • Counseling Students and their Sponsors/Parents for Academic Studies, Career Planning and Career Development considering short and long term Job opportunities, Industry trends and Permanent Residency requirements.
  • Initial Assessment whether you may qualify to secure Admission in the desired course and Entry into Australia.
  • Assist you for preparing your application and documentation.
  • Reduce cost and minimize wastage of time through our Online Application and Communication services. Resulting in provision of timely and cost-effective services.
  • Representing your Study Training or Research Application Professionally.
  • Provide information and support to Students and their Sponsors/Parents while their Application is being processed.
  • Secure Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and in some cases provide spot admissions in the desired course in the best possible educational institution.
  • Submit your Pre-Visa Application with required fee and documentation (If Required).
  • On Visa approval, Pay first semester tuition fee and obtain Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Arrange essential Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Apply with required documentation to obtain Student visa.
  • Advise on Travel Schedules and Foreign Exchange requirements.
  • Advise on special applicable Baggage allowances and discounts.
  • Provide necessary pre-departure information on any other relevant information you may need.
  • Arrange Meet and Greet, Pick-up and Initial accommodation provision services, if requested and agreed.
  • Assist with Resume and Job Application, if requested and agreed..
  • Provide Orientation and Specially tailored settlement and support services, if requested and agreed.

Our Registered Migration Lawyers will also represent all students who wish to apply for Permanent Residency after completing the desired education. Students securing admissions through Excelanz Group, are usually eligible for some discount while applying for other visa’s through us.


For obtaining a student visa for Australia, a student must meet the necessary statutory requirements and conditions for relevant visa sub-class. These may include satisfying the essential entry requirements for the desired course, Health, Character, and certain financial obligations apart from the academic fee.

In case you have been refused enrolment for your desired course. Do not worry, We will look into your history and workout an alternative and beneficial Solution.

The grant of visa may also include certain conditions like Attendance, performance, work regulations to be followed after having entered Australia. Applicable conditions are normally listed with the student visa when it is granted. These are important and should be strictly adhered to, as failure to do so can result in non renewal or cancellation of the visa.


  • Completed Educational institution’s Application Form and assessment FEE if applicable.
  • Detailed Resume / Curriculum Vitae or Bio-Data.
  • Statement of purpose (Why you want to Study in Australia, and this Institution).
  • Academic Qualifications (Diploma or Degree Certificates).
  • Mark sheets.
  • 2 Referee Reports (From Employer or University, Institution, School letter head or form).
  • IELTS-Results with Overall Band of 6.0 or more, 5.5 in case of Diploma or (VET).
  • Work experience certificates and Portfolio.
  • Passport size Photographs.
  • Other Qualification & Training Certificates.
  • Valid passport.
  • Proof of Financial capability to undertake the study program and support yourself in Australia.
  • Demand Draft for applicable First Semester fee, Drawn in Favor of Educational Institution.
  • Demand Draft for applicable Student visa fee, Drawn in Favor of Australian High Commission.


All Correspondence, Application and documents must be in English, Translations must be made in
English where ever applicable.

  • Copies of Documents must be Attested or Certified as true copy by justice of peace, or Original Documents must be Sighted by us for Attestation.
  • 1 set of all applicable documents will be needed for each Application being made.
  • Please write your name as on Passport or Highest Qualification certificate (Degree / Diploma)

The full admission and visa endorsement process normally takes not more than 90 days from the date of your application for Admission. If you do not enclose all the documents or need changes amid processing then the full process may take up to 150 days.

If you are running short of time and need to start with the next semester. Forward us your documents by e-mail or courier and we shall personally help you in processing your Applications on time.

If you have any other queries Contact us and we shall be pleased to help.


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