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Frequently Asked Questions




A) What is the benefit of appointing a Registered Migration Agent ?

Registered Migration Agents (RMA’s) are professionals who have completed relevant qualifications and meet the tough regulatory requirements of Sound Migration Knowledge, Maintaining a Professional Legal Library, Attending 10 point Continuation Professional Development CPD programs for policy, procedures and legislative knowledge in effect, hold professional indemnity insurance to compensate their clients in case of human errors.

As required by Australian migration law, Migration Agents practicing in Australia must be registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) to provide visa advice, assistance and application services.

A competent and fair agent will collect information & small fee to assess your Skills, Qualifications, Health, Character and Financial & English capability to prepare and provide your migration or visa case plan so that you understand the whole process and make decisions.

Department of Immigration suggests that if you appoint someone to represent your case. You better appoint a registered migration agent instead of a non registered agent.

Please go through Brochure for clients on Regulation of the Migration advice Profession in Australia and the Code of Conduct Registered Migration agents follow at http://www.excelanz.net/immigration-and-settlement/

B) How does Australian skilled immigration process work in general ?

If you have NOT completed your Migration assessment questionnaire in full, then complete it by visiting our website http://www.excelanz.net/migration-initial-assessment-questionnaire/ and then read the below process in general.

Stage 1 Initial Eligibility Assessment (Free) :-When we receive your fully completed Assessment questionnaire, we assess if you have basic Skills, Qualification, Experience, Age, English & Financial Capability, Health & Character to see if you can meet the threshold requirements of any skilled occupation now or in the near future and advise accordingly.

You will be notified if you are having chances of qualifying or not. If yes, then we suggest you to move ahead to the next stage.

Stage 2 Plan & Agreement Preparation Costs Aud$ 110 :-   Adetailed Plan cum Agreement with stage wise requirements and costs is prepared and provided for your whole case, so that you understand the whole process, the expenses and eligibility criteria to be met at each stage of the process. In general this gives you a full idea of what happens, when and how much it costs to determine your personal and dependents requirements for migration.

After receiving the plan cum agreement, you can have a discussion with us on Phone, Skype or Gmail chat to understand the requirements of the whole process applicable to you and your family members.

During detailed discussions we again determine if you have or can soon acquire some additional points for Skills, Qualification, Experience, Age, English & Financial Capability, Health & Character to see if you are definitely meeting all the legislated criteria of current Migration Policy,legislation i.e. Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994, Procedures and Advice Manuals, Gazette Notices and Ministerial directions, we move ahead to the next stage.

Stage 3 Skills Assessment Submission & Costs :-This includes documentation, filling of forms and forwarding your application and communication with skills assessment authorities. We will provide details on our processing fee and the fee for Assessment Authorities depending on your occupation and circumstances in our plan/Agreement prepared for you.

This is a 12 to 16 weeks process, if you are assessed eligible by assessment authorities, then we move ahead to the next stage.

Stage 4 Lodging Expression of Interest (EOI) for Permanent Residency visa :-An Expression of Interest for Permanent Residency visa needs to be Lodged with the Skills Assessment and IELTS results we have. We will provide details on our processing fee depending on your occupation and circumstances i.e. number of dependents. There is no government fee at this stage.

Apart from EOI for Independent & State Government Sponsored Permanent visa, we can also submit an EOI for ENS, RSMS and Temporary Sponsored Work visa programs to be sponsored by a wide range of seekers for your skills throughout Australia maximizing your chances for success.

Stage 5 Permanent residency visa application :- Department of Immigration may invite you anytime within 2 WEEKS TO 2 YEARS to lodge your Permanent residency visa application for you and all dependents. Visa application need to be lodged within 6 months of Inviting. We will provide details on our processing fee depending on your occupation and circumstances i.e. number of dependents in our plan for you.

You will be asked and need to provide Police Clearance & Medical Clearance for grant of Permanent Residency.

Stage 6 Grant of Permanent Residency Visas :- The above process will take 12 months on average, if you do not delay your process. It could cost anywhere between Aud 6,000 to Aud$ 8,000 depending on your occupation and circumstances (e.g. number of dependents).

Hope this general information gives you a brief idea of the Australian Immigration process.  There could be some more processing steps in between. Do not consider that any or all of the above is applicable to you.

Moving Ahead :- We have already invested our valuable time to assess and explain you the process in general. Any questions/doubts in your personal plan/process, requirements and costs are actually applicable will also be clarified once Aud$ 110 stage 2 fee is paid into our Company Bank A/C. A receipt for each payment will be provided.


C) Why can’t I have all the information, plan, calculated costs, requirements, agreement and clear all my doubts free of charge ?

The registered migration agent is investing his valuable time to read all the information you provided in the assessment form to check your eligibility and inform accordingly free of charge.

If further detailed information specific to your case needs to be documented and prepared in form of a plan and agreement then registered migration agent needs to invest substantial amount of further time and effort specifically to determine all requirements and prepare a roadmap (Plan) for your case.

It costs a lot of $$$ to run a business, maintain registration and professional standards. The company cannot afford to provide more personal services free of charge. Also we need to filter out all non- serious applicants who will waste our valuable time further. We need clients to be understanding, practical and be prepared to pay for professional services of this complex and lengthy process.

If you do not pay and move ahead in the process at this point of time then policy changes and increase of age may adversely affect your eligibility and the opportunity would be lost.

The Registered Migration Agent also ends up HIGH & DRY wasting his time and effort and it will not be viable for his business. Hence a nominal payment for plan preparation is essentially required.

D) If my Skills Assessment, Expression of Interest, Sponsorship or Visa application is not favourably honoured by the Australian Government, will I get a refund ?

The registered migration agent has a responsibility to professionally complete your application and documentation and lodge it with the concerned government assessing authority or Department. The final decision for approval or granting a visa remains with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. In normal circumstances all registered migration agents would have done substantial amount of work in interviewing you to take your instructions, preparing your application and lodging your application with the appropriate overseas post or appropriate onshore office of the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. For the time spent in bringing your application to that stage he/she would expect to be paid for his/her time and services. If your application is refused due to a reason not attributed to the fault or negligence of the agent then it would NOT be reasonable for any refund to be paid to you. The registered migration agent holds professional indemnity insurance to compensate you in case of his negligence or human error resulting in a loss for you.

E) What additional benefit can Excelanz Group provide me that others do not provide.

Unlike other overseas unregistered agents who may offer a bit cheaper but limited services, due to their limited knowledge of latest policy, procedures and legislation. Excelanz Group gives attention to detail in your case. It does not gather information from out dated and unreliable websites. Excelanz Group has its own professional library for reference to current policy, procedures and legislation.

From eligibility assessment, grant of visa, job seeking and smooth settlement in Australia. We keep helping our clients with all our experience, guidance and support to make their life easy in a new world, where they can feel apprehensive and lonely. We remain friends for life and most of our clients are by referrals from previous clients. Please visit our testimonials page to know what our earlier clients are saying about us.

Excelanz group provides services on all types of permanent and temporary visas, citizenship and Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) appeals in case you have made a valid visa application and it has been wrongly refused or cancelled by the officer in Department of Immigration.

F) Do I enjoy complete freedom to work with any employers or do my own business ? Can I join sports teams, hobby groups or move around freely.

You have the complete freedom to work with any employer of your choice or do your own business. We ourselves play cricket and tennis and have teams of our own. You are most welcome to join us or any other sports club, hobby group or Association. Unless you are restricted under sponsorship obligations to live in a particular place for an agreed period, you are free to settle and move around anywhere in Australia.

G) Why is it so expensive to migrate or Study in Australia?

Unfortunately, the Australian dollar value has doubled in the past decade making it expensive to migrate or study in Australia. When you really come to think about it realistically, you start earning the same Australian dollars and recover your immigration costs within 2 months of your salary. The lifestyle, health, education, entertainment, many other benefits and security you and your family will be able to experience and enjoy in Australia will by far outweigh the cost in terms of fees you pay to us & Australian Government. In return for your investment and adoption, Australia offers you and your family in return a unique lifestyle second to none in the world.

H) My English is weak. What are my chances of migrating to Australia?

Recent changes to Australian immigration laws make it increasingly difficult for anyone who does not have good English to immigrate to Australia. Except for refugees, certain sponsored migrants, and business migrants, nearly all other categories of visa applicants are required to have good communication skills in English.

Our advice to any intending migrant is to have your ability in the English language assessed, you should select the most convenient office in your home country where you can seek adequate training and prepare well for achieving the required score in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. You can access the IELTS website here.

I) Does Australia practise a discriminatory immigration policy?

No, Australia does not practise a discriminatory immigration policy. Anyone from any country can apply to immigrate to Australia, regardless of his/her ethnic origin, gender, colour or religion. Thousands of immigrants from all over the world arrive in Australia to make Australia their permanent home. Today Australia is truly a multicultural country accepting immigrants from all corners of the world to contribute to the richness and well being of the country and be connected with the world.

However there are a few idiots in every human society who try to make problems for others. Australia’s tough laws protect all and punish the offenders. Please do not be too concerned about this.

J) What privileges do I have if I am granted Permanent Residency of Australia ?

You will have all the privileges except voting rights. You will get these voting rights and Australian passport when you are awarded Citizenship.

K) When can I apply to be a citizen of Australia?

The Australian Government encourages all permanent residents to apply for citizenship as soon as they are eligible to apply. You may apply to become a citizen when you have accumulated a total of 4 years residence in Australia out of the last 5 years immediately before you submit your application. We would also encourage you to apply for citizenship once you are eligible. This also gives you the freedom to travel most western countries without prior visa grant.

L) What is a Resident Return Visa?

As a permanent resident of Australia your multiple entry visa is normally valid for an initial period of 5 years. If at any time you intend to depart from Australia and return after your visa expires you must first apply for the Resident Return Visa (RRV) before you leave Australia. Otherwise you would have lost your status as a permanent resident while you are overseas and will not be entitled to return to Australia as a permanent resident.

M) What are the requirements for extending a permanent residence visa for another period of five years?

In order to be eligible to extend your permanent residence visa for another 5 years you are essentially applying for a RRV valid for 5 years. To qualify as of right for the RRV you must have been physically resident in Australia for a total of 2 years in the 5 years immediately before lodging your application. Otherwise you must show evidence to the satisfaction of the Immigration Officer processing your application that you are a bona fide permanent resident of Australia with close ties to Australia.

N) How the department deals with your agent ?

When you appoint an agent to act on your behalf, the department will do the following:

  • Discuss your application with the agent and seek further information from them.
  • Send any written communication about your application to your agent (that is, they will become your ‘authorised recipient’ and communicator).
  • Regard any written communication sent to the agent as being received by you.

O) Is the payment made to Excelanz Group safe ? How do I make a payment ?

All payments received by Excelanz Group are 100% safe. You are provided with receipt as proof for your payment.

Unless you are living in a country (India & Saudi Arabia) where we have representatives who can collect your payment, all other payments must be made in our below mentioned Australian Company Bank A/C.

Account Name : Excelanz Group Pty Ltd.

BSB (Branch) No. 034069  & A/C.No. 458672

Bank Name & Address : Westpac Banking Corporation

321, Mains Rd, Sunny Bank, QLD -4109. Australia.

SWIFT code: WPACAU2S (For Telegraphic Transfer) Bank deducts 20 Aud$ for each deposit from overseas.

P)  I am resident and working in another country, can I start and continue my process from here.

Yes, No matter where you are working, moving or residing, your process continues smoothly through your Agent and has no impact on your processing. Your agent communicates with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.

Q)  Any other personal problems or questions?

A 18. If you have other complex problems or need personal guidance on your case then please book an appointment for personal consultation. A fee will need to be paid for hearing your problems and providing guidance in person or over the phone.

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