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In today’s dynamically changing, intensive and competitive business environment, the use of authentic Information Technology and Communications, Infrastructure and Resources, plays a vital role in operating an enterprise efficiently.

Technology enables the entire networked global economy (e-economy) to work. It’s gives new dimensions of doing business, and it has removed geographical limitations in Business. Technology is a powerful engine of unlimited economic growth both domestically and globally. It has given birth to new strategies and ways to do business, efficiently and effectively.

We have qualified, experienced and efficient teams in each sector that will help and advise you on all critical issues like Strategic Planning and Management of complex issues on the use of technology for your business. Our services will help your organization implement and efficiently manage the business through the use of technology, in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our specialization Covers all areas in the field of Information Technology and Communications. We offer a wide range of services in this sector from for all Industries.

  • Assessing Technology Requirements, Manage Projects considering immediate and long term Business Objectives.
  • lan, Define and Document IT Policy, Technical specifications, Organizational specifications, Business Process specifications, Security specifications, Network and System Architecture, Pre and Post Implementation specifications.
  • Design and Develop, or Evaluate and Recommend, Technology enabled Solutions that will meet your needs and capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • Implement Solutions, incorporating your Objectives.
  • Manage Solutions for continuous success and growth of the business.
  • Provide Support services and Training.

In order to provide a full range of Services, Our areas specializations are unlimited, and it would be impossible to list them all, however to name a few they include the following :-

  • System Architecture Design.
  • Standardization and Planning.
  • Business Process Mapping.
  • Systems or Application Software Development – (Entire System Development Life Cycle).
  • E-commerce and Website Development (Hosting, Content Writing, Logo Designing and Promotion).
  • Customize and Enhance Systems.
  • Systems Administration.
  • Database Administration.
  • Networking and Administration.
  • Systems Testing.
  • Data Analysis and Auditing.
  • Statistical Analysis and Forecasting.
  • Developing Reporting and Decision Support Mechanisms.
  • Management Reporting.
  • Invoicing and Statement Generating.
  • Data Conversion.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Systems and Network Support Services.
  • Evaluation, Selection, Implementation and Management of Standard of the shelf Core packages and Enterprise Systems.
  • Implement Security mechanism.
  • Forensic Services -Investigate, Diagnose and Audit Data.
  • Data Storage, Retrieval, Backup and Recovery.
  • Risk Elimination.
  • Staff Training and User Support.
  • Outsourcing of Consultants.
  • Client Recruitment
  • Complete IT Project Planning, Implementation, Management, Support services and Training.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts.

We also outsource our high output oriented Consultants to Manage,Lead or Work with your internal teams to provide assistance in performing various tasks for Implementation & Management Services on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Systems Management (ESM). We provide Industry Specialist Expertise for Implementing and Managing Enterprise Wide Applications like:

  • SAP
  • BAAN

Our other Specialist services of Functional and Technical Consultants also include assisting with day to day transactional and business activities, tasks and sub tasks like Setup, Transaction processing and Management of :

Eg. Financial Information System Modules :-

  • General Ledger – Set of Books, Mass allocation and Recurring Journals, Budgetary Control, Translation, Revaluation, Consolidation, Financial Statement Generator, Key Flexfields.
  • Accounts Payable – Setup payables, Taxes and freight, Invoices, Recurring, Expense Invoices, Vendors, Banks, Employees.
  • Accounts Receivable – Transaction, Receipts and Collection, Customers, Banks.
  • Cash Management – Bank Reconciliation, Cash Forecasting.
  • Fixed Assets -Mass Additions, Mass Transactions, Depreciation Methods.

Human Resources Management System Modules :-

  • People – Manage Employees & Applicants details, Addresses, Normal & Special Information.
  • Recruitment – Manage Recruiting, Vacancies, Mass Applications, Standard letters.
  • Career Management – Rating scales, Competencies, Assessments & Appraisals.
  • Work Structures – Organizations, Locations, Jobs & Hierarchies, Positions & Grades.
  • Payroll – Payroll Groups, Consolidation Sets, Payment Methods, Assignment sets, Exchange Rates, Pay elements.
  • Compensation & Benefits – Earnings & Entitlements, Taxes, Deductions.
  • Processes & Reporting – Submitting processes & Running standard Reports.

Our Teams also provide custom services according to your requirements eg. Customization, or Improvement Plans applicable to your business.

Enabling you to improve efficiency, control costs and enhance the overall quality of IT services.

Please contact our Principal ICT consultant Mr.Faiyazuddin Mohammed by emailing your requirements on faiyaz@excelanz.net

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