We have completed 10 years of Highly Successful Professional service from 2003 to 2013. Thanks to all our clients and their references over this long period of glorious 10 Years.



Excelanz Group is dedicated to provide efficient Recruitment and Human Resources policy development services to Its clients. We source the best and cost-effective resources for your organization. We serve all major industries through out the world, and specialize in recruiting Managers, Executives, Specialists, Consultants, Technical, Administrative and Skilled personnel for Enterprise wide Human Resources needs. Our expertise does NOT have a limit in servicing capabilities, We cater to all types of industries like Financial & Educational Institutions, Manufacturing and Engineering Industries, Agricultural producers, Marketing and Trading Organizations, IT, Professional Consulting and Management Service Providers or any other Industry or sector.

After a series of professional Interviews, during which we Scrutinize, Test and make relevant history checks and filter the best candidates.

Benefits for employers Recruiting through us

  • Access to only filtered & short listed Best Quality Candidates, reducing high volumes of unwanted advertising response.
  • Fast and efficient Recruitment in a Economical Way.
  • Reduce High Advertising Costs.
  • Reduce Human Capital and Administrative Costs on a regular basis.
  • Minimize Capital and Consulting cost to develop and maintain in-house recruitment systems.
  • Utility of our Cost effective 3-way communication systems at all stages (Clients, Candidates and Us).
  • Personal and focused interaction minimizing automated responses.
  • Provide Visa Endorsement services to candidates and Orientation about all relevant details.
  • Overall high quality representation on your behalf and effective recruitment outcomes.

Hiring Process for International Jobs

  • Excenalz recruitment division receives recruitment requisitions on a regular basis from Employers and recruitment partners all over the world.
  • These positions are uploaded and listed on our website. In some cases we list these positions on other websites and advertise in various media.
  • Responses in the form of resumes are received, reviewed and matched against Selection Criteria and position requirements.
  • Resumes of Short listed with our comments are sent to employers for their perusal.
  • Resumes which are not short listed are kept with us for 3 months incase other short listed candidates miss out or another similar job opportunity is requested.
  • After receiving the response from employers Short listed candidates are contacted for arranging personal or phone interviews (sometimes Personal Interview may be held at our partner offices).
  • Referee checks are made on your previous experiences and work related performance.
  • Employment offer is made.
  • Upon candidate acceptance Visa Endorsement process is underway.
  • Candidates are provided Orientation about all relevant details, and updated on Travel schedule.
  • International recruitment process on average takes 1 to 3 months depending on Employer requirement, candidate and employer country visa regulations.

Clients, Recruitment Partners or Employers must Post a Job with Selection Criteria, position Description and relevant details. If you have any other queries like HR policy development or amendment, please Contact us and we shall be pleased to help.

We also ensure that our Candidates or Applicants get the best possible service in Application management and work for reputed Clients or Employers.

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