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The main rationale for trade is “COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE”. We export what we are good at and Import what other nations are good at. The trade consultants at Excelanz, Research, Analyze and Compare an facilitate International Trade, so that both businesses and nations involved in the trade will ultimately benefit.

In Australia immigration from all over the world has drastically increased Trade and Tourism.

Export Growth: Australia’s high quality goods and services are accepted worldwide and exports have been growing form 4.1% of GDP in 1980′s to 8.1% of GDP in 1990′s.

Export Sectors: Australia’s Exports by Sector include Manufactures 25%, Services 24%, Resources 22%, Agriculture 19% and other 10%.

Export Destinations: Major destinations for Australia’s Exports were Japan 19%, ASEAN Countries 13%, European Union (EU) 12%, U.S.A 10%, New Zealand 8 %, Korea 7%, China 5%, Taiwan 5%, South Asia 3%, and Other 15%.

While Australia’s exports were valued at 110,012 million in 1998, imports were 115,996 million same year. In recent years International trade has grown tremendously due to reforms and improved technologies.

Import Destinations: Major destinations for Australia’s Imports were European Union (EU) 24%, U.S.A 22%, Japan 14%, ASEAN Countries 12%, China 6%, New Zealand 4 % and Other 18%.

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