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In the recent decades, we have had enormous Inventions, development and advancements in Technology, changing the way we think, work and live. Communication and Technology have made the planet a Small Place. People have already started to look for work and business opportunities throughout the world. Australia is currently a preferred destination for Business, Work, Study, Tourism and Immigration.

Australia as a young and developed Multicultural country, has unlimited potential for many products, services and resources. As you must have noticed on our home page itself, Excelanz Group provides a wide range of professional consulting services in several diverse Industries and sectors.

You may want to Establish your Business, Branch Office, Franchise or Distribution Network, Farm, Industry, or a Warehouse in Australia. Many overseas business owners and executives who not fully aware of Australian Industries, Market conditions and intend to do business in this region can avail our specialized and personally tailored services, with concise and accurate current Market Information and trends. This crucial Information helps you in decision support for your business startup, expansion or migration plans.

You may want to know whether your product or service will be accepted in this region. If acceptable then how to operate your business, How to draft and execute a successful business plan, information on competitors and their market share, Legal and financial requirements, Government and Local Council Compliance issues, Choosing an ideal location, working out minute financials, Custom duties, Quarantine, Taxes and Profits.

These Services and assistance are provided by Qualified, Experienced Business and Trade Consultants in detail, and are exclusively Prepared/Offered for YOUR NEEDS on order, in the form of :

    • Assessment and Research Reports for your business- ( The research and planning phase).
    • Detailed Feasibility Study and Recommendations Reports.
    • Business Plan or Financial Model (with projected annual turnover, Cash flow statements, Staffing needs, Operating expenses, Statement of Average Earnings and Profits).
    • Complete Project Report or Business Model Preparation (Eg. Stage wise Planning, Structuring, Budgeting, Starting or Buying and Running a successful Business Enterprise).
    • Execution and Management of a Project as Planned.
    • Company Formation ( Legal Structure, Licensing requirements, Foreign Investment policy, Exchange Controls and cash transaction reporting, Company thresholds, Taxation, Competition and Consumer protection laws, patents, intellectual property and copyrights, Employment and Industrial relations.
    • Temporary Entry to Australia :- Arrange a well Planned Business Trip and visa for you, to research in person. Meeting with all relevant Business and Industry Associated individuals and Government officials. You need to let us know the Scope, Time and Money involved (3 Variables) or Scale of operation for your Business Visit to be well Planned or Directed to achieve the desired success.
    • Permanent Entry to Australia :- There are several permanent residency visas for business owners, and those willing to invest, acquire and establish a business in Australia.
    • Report on Industry Trends ( Growth or Downturn ) Analysis of your Industry sector with Statistics.
    • Smart Business Ideas and Concepts( For better planning).
    • Business Start-up and successful Management advise.
    • Recommending Marketing and Distribution Strategies.
    • Business Promotion and Advertising.
    • Financial Planning and Investment Guidance.
    • Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Analytical and Statistical services.
    • Human Resource Planning and Policy drafting.
    • Business and Legal Contract drafting considering applicable International and National laws (Eg. Company constitution, Leasing, Purchasing fixed assets, Employee, and third party service contracts).
    • Report on applicable Australian Customs duties and Quarantine requirements and regulations.
    • Legal obligations, Licensing and ethically operating regulations and requirements.
    • Quality and Quantity Assurance survey and supervision services.
    • On Ground Agency Services. (Eg. Container Receiving, Customs and Quarantine clearing, Transportation, Distribution and Delivery Management, Accommodation, Storage or Other agreed duties and services).

You may choose a single service that is relevant to you or choose a complete package of services. If you have any other queries or service requirements, please Contact us and we shall be pleased to help.

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