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Excelanz is your best source for planning your Aussie Vacation. We can cater to personal needs and special interests to enhance your trip with best deals to Australia.

Our tourism services include complete planning, education and advise on your trip to Australia : -

1. Provide you with Facts and Features about Australia.
Weather, Regions, Special needs and How much will it cost.

2. Plan your Trip -
How to get into Australia and what you need for the trip.

3. On Arrival Services -
On arrival Meet, Greet and Pickup services. Where to stay and eat, What to buy and Where to buy on arrival essentials.

4. Prepare Iterneries -
Where and go, when to go and How to go.

5. Cater to your personal special interests and group travel -
Provide you with Maps, Brochures, Travel tips Fact Sheets and useful information.

6. What are the Important places to go -
Cities, Coast & Reef, Beaches, Islands, Outback, Farms & Outback Stations, National Parks, Rivers, Lakes & Waterways, Rainforest & Mountains, Touring Routes.

7. Things to do -
Adventure, Backpacking, Nature, Wildlife & Ecotourism, Sports, Arts & Culture, Aboriginal Australia, Food & Wine, Shopping & Nightlife, Relaxation & Romance, Study & Explore, Family Travel.

8. Events and Exhibitions -
Sport, Performing Arts, Festivals, Exhibitions & Shows, Conventions

We will ensure that you have a wonderful experience in Australia, If you have any enquiries Please Contact Us.

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